Women Cuts

• Women’s cut includes Shampoo and Blow-dry


Mens Cuts

• Men’s cut includes shampoo


Children’s Cuts

• Children’s cut


Conditioning Treatment:

Adds Moisture, strengthens, repairs and protects



• Shampoo and Blowout

• Shampoo, including a Style


Special Occasions

• For those special occasions, or for your wedding

• Formal Up-Style


Conditioning Treatments

• Treatments

• Conditioning/Clarifying

• (Does not include blowout)


Extensions and Brazilian Blowout

• Hair Extensions: QUOTED

• Brazilian Blowout: QUOTED


The Color Bar: Color Work


Simple Color:

All one color at the new growth area using: PM shines or The Color

Full Color:

All one color worked from the new growth to the ends of the hair- can be with PM shines or The Color

Block Color:

Multidimensional color applied from new growth to the ends of the hair using PM shines or The Color

Foil Work:

Spot Lights: One to Six foils anywhere

Crown Foil:

Top portion of head

Partial Foil:

Top portion of head, along with sides

Full Foil:

Full head of foils

Platinum Card:

All over lightener work usually finished with tone


Color Add-ons


Back Track:

Permanent color remover

Color Balance:

Gentle color remover

Ink Work:

Fun and Vibrant color

Top Coat:

Clear shine that seals in color